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At Sound Ideas, we don’t skimp on service. This includes customer service, and the range of service options to choose from:

Vehicle Monitoring Devices

There are many perks to installing GPS tracking, including safeguarding your vehicle against theft. Business owners can have peace of mind about where your fleet of vehicles are by setting GEO fencing and being able to see breadcrumbs of stops made along the way.
Never worry again about your business vehicles with your name on the side speeding through town; you can now set alerts when the vehicle goes above the desired speed!!


Add a hotspot to your shared data plan to have Wi-Fi connection for all of your devices wherever you are. We also have routers for all of your in-home Wi-Fi connections.

Home Phone Replacements

Replace your home phone for a great price.

Call ahead to learn about new monthly specials on U.S. Cellular plans, including no-contract options.